The Summer Issue

Articles from June 2017 Issue

Backyard Dining
Soak in the long, lazy days of summer by enjoying some of your meals outdoors in the warm breeze.... Read more
Sprout Into Summer
With longer days of golden sunlight and passing showers, Hawaii’s summer season presents the... Read more
Dive In
From Ugly to Unbelievable Featuring C & J Contracting  Looking out over... Read more
Blue Oasis
A sparkling azure lagoon, swaying palm trees and lush, tropical greenery are the backdrop for... Read more
Breaking Barriers
A Mainland developer known for building master-planned communities of modern homes in the 1950s and... Read more
What Is It?
HOW IT WORKS: The clear-lid valve helps maintain proper water level in multiple-level water... Read more
Light Up the Night
Summer seasons in Hawaii are all about the sun, the sand and the surf. But, eventually, the days... Read more
Natural Inspiration
Tile is a fun way to bring color and creativity into a home renovation project. Color is often used... Read more
What's New
Even the best home can be made a little bit better. Check out the latest from some of our favorite... Read more
Keeping Your Cool
With the bright, endless days of summer come the heat and humidity of Hawaii’s tropical... Read more
Summer Fun
Host a dashing summer soiree with these must-haves. “When you live in the prettiest place on... Read more
Summer Storage
Be productive this summer and declutter your home. Consider a new bed frame with a sneaky storage... Read more
All Decked Out
Let’s face it, there’s no area quite like Hawaii to explore the concept of indoor/... Read more
Monthly Maintenance
For most people, a home is the largest investment they’ll ever make. That’s why it... Read more
Industry Watch: Why Modern-Contemporary Architecture Is Gaining Popularity
In April, during AIA Honolulu’s 2017 Architecture Month celebration, we showed the film Coast... Read more
Editorʻs Notes
My family loves summer.  And even though we live less than a mile from one of the world’... Read more