February 2020

Articles from February 2020 Issue

Industry Watch: Keep the Momentum on Your Home Projects
BIA-Hawaii just wrapped up another successful Big Home Building & Remodeling Show last weekend... Read more
Feel the Love with These Stylish, Modern Loveseats
Lounging around with your significant other gets even more advanced with power-reclining loveseats... Read more
How To Choose and Style Your Own Personal Vanity
A personal vanity is like a haven – it should be a comfortable space to sit down, relax and... Read more
Should You Build New or Redo?
Deciding whether or not it’s time to tear down or remodel your home can be a difficult choice... Read more
A Picture-Perfect Way to Display Your Favorite Memories
A picture frame is more than a means of showcasing your art and images; it’s a way to hold... Read more
This North Shore Farm's Fire Pit Exudes Rustic Charm
Imagine living in a remote area of the Waianae range, looking over unobstructed views of the North... Read more
5 Tips to Organize your Pantry
The kitchen pantry is a place where you grab what you need and go. Whether you’re looking for... Read more
Switching to Gas Through Hawaii Gas is Easier Than You Think
Typical Hawaii Gas customers pay less per year for gas than they would for electricity to do the... Read more
A Thoughtful and Contemporary Universal Design Home Renovation
Sharing meals in the kitchen, watching children grow up, spending time together in the living room... Read more
Ask the Expert: Air Conditioning
An energy-efficient air conditioner system has financial and lifestyle benefits. Read on for advice... Read more
Tips for Beginning that Bucket-List Project
Every homeowner has that house-project bucket list. You know the one — it might say “... Read more
Uncovering the Potential of a Honolulu Condo
When Juan Paulo Morla and Attila Pohlmann first stepped into this condo unit at the Imperial Plaza... Read more
Add Some Green to Your Home with the Fiddle Leaf Fig
Plants are a key component to consider when decorating your home — they purify the air and... Read more
Pet-centric Accessories to Liven up Your Home
Show affection for your pets with animal-inspired furnishings and accessories. From art prints to... Read more
Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year Makes a Return to the Classics
Pantone is making a return to a timeless “classic” with its 2020 Color of the Year.... Read more
Editor's Notes: February 2020
My adorable, sneaky little silky terrier has an affection for my shoes. He tries to grab them... Read more