April 2020

Articles from April 2020 Issue

floral products
7 Floral-Inspired Décor for Your Home
Arrange your home with bright blooms and floral-inspired décor to create a space that’s... Read more
painted living room
Eco Conscious Paints to Color Your Home In
Sprucing up your home’s interior  with a fresh coat of paint sounds easy enough, but... Read more
The Value in Eco-Friendly Upgrades
"Going green” is more than just a lifestyle and designing a home with environmentally... Read more
kitchen remodel
3 Financial Tips to Consider Before Renovating
Are you thinking of renovating your home this year? Before you can even begin, it’s important... Read more
hawaii urban living
Hawaii’s Urban Living
Editor’s Note: AIA Honolulu is postponing Architecture Month events to later this year due to... Read more
Investing in Photovoltaic for your Home
Homes across the country are transitioning from fossil-fueled electricity to cleaner energy options... Read more
renewable energy
What’s New with Renewable Natural Gas
Reduce, reuse, recycle — most people are familiar with these three methods of keeping it... Read more
living space
Human-centric Lighting in Your Home
Lighting is an important aspect of design. A rising trend among designers, scientific researchers... Read more
ge appliances
New Front-load Washing Machine Makes Your Laundry Cleaner
Three hundred loads of laundry — that’s the amount of washing and drying that families... Read more
7 Ways to be More Energy Efficient
Living in paradise can be costly — on both your wallet and the environment. Reduce your... Read more
Advancing Sustainability in Hawaii and Worldwide
Hawaii’s model for sustainability is catching on, as the number of places implementing green... Read more
The Path to Island Resilience
Oahu is one of the best places to live on the planet, with our mountain ranges, beautiful beaches... Read more
Inspiring Communities to be More Sustainable
What does the future of Hawaii hold? Hawaiian Electric wants to make sure it’s green. The... Read more
Moving Together Toward 100% Renewable Power
Hawaiian Electric is clearing benchmark after benchmark as it drives toward its goal to be 100%... Read more
Taking Your Energy-Saving Commitments to the Next Level
As the worry around climate change grows, you might be looking for bigger ways to make a positive... Read more
Hawaiian Electric is Working to Build a More Modern Grid
To reach the state’s 100% renewable energy goal by 2045, Hawaiian Electric is working on... Read more
Customers Have a Huge Role in Meeting Renewable Energy Goals
It’s all hands on deck as Hawaiian Electric works toward 100% renewable energy by 2045.... Read more
Geothermal Energy Aims to Resume on Hawaii Island
Hawaii Island is set to see an increase in its renewable power generation. Puna Geothermal... Read more
Electric Vehicles Are Now More Within Reach
Marking a milestone in hawaii’s electric vehicle adoption, Oahu students will soon be getting... Read more
Hawaii's Public EV Charging Stations Map
Hawaii’s EV charging station infrastructure grows more robust to meet the demand of the... Read more
Honolulu Rail's Role in Renewable Energy
Once remaining rail tracks are laid and the system is energized, Oahu’s largest electric... Read more
New STEM Center for Excellence for Hawaii's Students and Teachers Nears Completion
Thin mints, samoas, tagalongs, do-si-dos — hearing these cookie flavors is sure to conjure up... Read more
Boy Scouts Work Together to Improve the Community
Boy scouts learn many skills as part of their program. As members of the Aloha Council Boy Scouts... Read more
Turning the Tide: Community Effort to Reach Sustainability Goals
“This decade that we are entering is perhaps the most critical time that we have … to... Read more
An Institute for Change
Hawaii faces a number of threats to its environment, from rising temperatures and oceans to... Read more
living room
This Charming Condo Gets a Fresh New Look
As the sunlight’s soft glow fills this home’s living room, a sense of calm settles over... Read more
East Oahu Home Renovated into a Contemporary Oasis
Two years ago, on friday the 13th, a flash flood swept across Kalanianaole Highway and severely... Read more
midcentury modern home
3 Prominent Architectural Styles of Hawaii
Hawaii’s architecture profile has grown through the years, with borrowed designs and... Read more
white modern kitchen
Editor's Notes: April 2020
This month’s issue takes us inside two homes that were renovated after severe water damage:... Read more