April 2018

Articles from April 2018 Issue

Green Hawaii 2018
Our message in Green Hawaii is simple: The path toward sustainability starts with each of us. A... Read more
Partnering with community, strengthening roots
In celebration of Arbor Day in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Electric Companies have collaborated with local... Read more
Hokulea's homecoming
In the course of its four-year worldwide voyage completed in 2017, the Hokulea and its crew members... Read more
Transforming land and lives for a greener Hawaii
Looking at Kupu even strictly by the numbers is impressive enough. The nonprofit, which provides... Read more
Residents working toward a healthy Hawaii
Every wednesday at 4:30 p.m., an enthusiastic group of Kapolei residents gathers near a public... Read more
Keeping Local Food Local: How We Can All Play a Role
When it comes to food, you don’t have to be a foodie or a connoisseur to appreciate it.... Read more
Share the road and protect the environment with Biki
The roads in town are being shared more than ever before thanks to the state’s first bike-... Read more
On the fast track to sustainable transportation
Electric vehicles are fast becoming a sensible option for Hawaii drivers. Additional charging... Read more
Shine On, Solar Energy
What is solar energy? Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource that can be used to heat... Read more
Learn How to be More Energy Efficient
What is energy efficiency? Practicing energy efficiency is all about being more mindful and... Read more
Commit to Clean Energy
The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is a network of private sector, non-profit, and government... Read more
Leading the way toward renewable energy
Renewable energy is energy that does not deplete when it’s used; instead, it’s... Read more
Sustainability: We’re Up to the Challenge
Hawaii’s Aloha+ Challenge is led by partners from across public and private sectors, and... Read more
An idyllic Manoa home brings the outdoors in
Standing in the warm golden sunlight pouring in through the glass ceiling overhead, the homeowner... Read more
Radar: Garden Variety
From building your yard to placing the final  decorative touches, you’ll want to stop by... Read more
Song of India is the new low-maintenance plant for your home
Forget the succulents and look to this Pleomele for a low-impact plant for your home. You’ll... Read more
Keep your yard the greenest on the block with Hawaiian Turfgrass
Who doesn’t want their yard to be the greenest on the block? Keeping your lawn manicured,... Read more
Mark your calendar: Go green in April
Take home a tree, learn about the environment or attend a workshop on preserving historic homes... Read more
4 eco-friendly tips to grow your best garden
Gardening doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are a few tips from a local landscape expert to... Read more
How a photovoltaic system in Hawaii will save you money
No matter what time of year, Hawaii is never more than a few days away from sunny skies. The... Read more
Breaking down the LEED point system
From the majestic mountains to the wondrous sea, our environment in Hawaii is essential to island... Read more
Reasons to put a metal roof over your head
For centuries, tiles and shingles have been the predominant roofing material for homes and... Read more
The Green Room: An Eco-friendly Hawaii Kai kitchen makeover
When a Hawaii Kai couple purchased their property in the early ’90s, they decided to oversee... Read more
4 products for an eco-friendly home
Eco-friendly products are beneficial for you, your family and the environment, as well as... Read more
Industry watch
Kitchen and Bath Trends to Consider This Year
It’s an exciting time for Hawaii’s kitchen and bath industry. After attending the... Read more
Editor's notes April 2018
I’m committing to creating a new green habit this month, and I hope you will, too. Let me... Read more