Hurricanes Lane and Olivia.
Severe beach erosion on the North Shore. These were just a few reminders of why our community needs to build with resilience in mind.

Because of Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s recent release of the city and county of Honolulu’s first-ever resilience strategy, the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency has been working hard to develop a punch-list of specific actions we need to take to make our population more resilient. But what can we, as individuals, do today to help fight climate change? “One of the most important things a person can do is to actually talk about it with friends and family,” says Josh Stanbro, chief resilience officer at the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency. “On Oahu, we are constantly in the water and on the land, so 82 percent of people on Oahu understand and agree that climate change is happening now, versus 70 percent of all Americans. That understanding is helping us come together as a community.”

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Green Hawaii was published as a supplement to Hawaii Home + Remodeling magazine's April 2019 issue. To find out more about how you can go green all year, visit our Green section.  

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