Get the edge when it comes to cleaning your home, both inside and out. Here are some clever products to include on your next spring-cleaning checklist.



1. Black + Decker Bagless Vacuum in Sea Blue, $100, from Target. 

2. Scrub Daddy Colors Scrubber, $4, from Simply Organized. 

3. Shark Collapsible Cube, $13, from Simply Organized. 

4. Power Scrub Dots Kitchen & Dish Wipes, $5, from City Mill. 

5. Woodrow Teal Rubbish Can, $23, from Simply Organized.

6. Spiral Lime Watering Can, $16, from City Mill. 

7. Nylon Gardening Gloves, $6, from City Mill. 

8. Dust Pan and Whisk Broom Set, $9, from City Mill.

9. Deluxe Bamboo Rake, $14, from City Mill.


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