Scott Schumaker is president of PacificBasin and interim publisher of Hawaii Home + Remodeling. He is also an avid barbecue hobbyist who often tempts co-workers by posting images of his culinary feats on his Instagram, @schuboxphoto. We have convinced him to share his secrets each week this summer with our readers in our Fired Up Friday blog. His grill smoker of choice is a Big Green Egg he purchased from POP Marine and Fishing. He also uses a Weber Summit gas grill, especially for rotisserie cooking, which he got at AirGas Gaspro Kapolei.

Willlllmaaaa!! Although not as big as the dino ribs that flipped Fred's stone-cold cool ride, these mammoth-stuffed burgers each weigh in at about a pound. They're also All-American in honor of the Fourth of July with ingredients from our Islands, California and Wisconsin.

The Prep

The prep for this cook takes about 30 to 40 minutes. So, light your grill then let's get started. Making stuffed burgers is quite easy.

Slice a couple Kamuela tomatoes and a medium Maui onion about 1/4-inch thick. Chop about a pound of cooked, thick-cut, crispy bacon. Set aside.

Season 5 pounds of grassfed, Big Island Ground Beef with your favorite rub or Hawaiian Alae Salt and pepper. I got my cow from The ChefZone.

Form a large burger patty about 1/2-inch thick and hit it lightly on top with garlic powder and black pepper. 

Sprinkle on a handful of the crispy bacon.

Add a slice of cheese. I used Wisconsin Horseradish cheese also from The ChefZone. It should be a fast melting cheese like havarti. Use the cheese to press the bacon into the ground beef.

Now add a slice of the juicy, firm Kamuela tomato. 

Slap on the Maui Onion.

Then, off to the side, form another burger patty slightly larger than the first one. Use it to top off your burger being sure to crimp the sides firmly all the way around. 

Five pounds of beef should yield six mammoth burgers. You could make them smaller and get more burgers, but why? This is the most American of holidays and our burgers need to be American size. 

The Cook

By now, your coals should be ready to grill. A medium-hot grill is optimal. I added some pecan wood for smoke but you can add whatever you prefer, including nothing at all.

Cook the stuffed burgers about five to eight minutes depending on the temperature of your coals. Flip them over.

After about five minutes, top the burgers with your favorite cheese. I used a medium California cheddar. Let them sizzle another three minutes or so until the cheese melts and the meat is between 130 to 135 degrees. Be careful not to stick your thermometer into the stuffing as the onion and tomato will remain decidedly under 135 degrees. You want the burgers medium rare to medium so the cheese inside is melted. 

If you're a light eater, or a communist, you could always cut this All-American burger in half and enjoy it with a friend or comrade. Top with your favorite condiments, veggies or even a fried egg. I used homemade guacamole and skipped the bun because I'm watching my carbs and there's cold beer in the cooler.

From all of us at Hawaii Home + Remodeling, have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Hope you're planning on both grilling and chilling.

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