Before the homes are built and the families move in,  it all begins with a plan. Read on to meet the incredibly talented designers responsible for some of the most beautiful kitchen, bath and home designs in Hawaii Home + Remodeling. Discover their unique philosophies, influences, insider tips, and more.

Ron Cabato, Jacky Aquino, Leilani Pascual, Arcadia Pascual.

Results Design + Planning is a locally owned and operated business, specializing in designing new homes and additions for multigenerational families. As a family-owned company, we recognize the value in ohana and aim to cultivate that culture in the clients we work with and the spaces we design. 

Planning and Design Experience
Our industry experience allows us to create realistic budgets with practical home design to ensure our clients get the most value for their dollar. From practical storage space to tasteful accents, our projects showcase the features clients want. 

Building Strong Relationships
We love connecting with our clients and establishing a bond throughout the design process. The relationships we build with our clients and their families aid us in designing the best spaces. 

Perfectly Practical
Our key recommendations for kitchens: Open it up, make it pop, store it smart. Clients request spaces that connect and allow visual interaction. Use tile and under-cabinet task lighting to create a focal point. Finally, it’s not enough for projects to simply look good, it should perform well, too. Consider a walk-in pantry or cabinets with interior storage racks. 

Additional Information 

Results Design + Planning
Wahiawa, Hawaii

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