With the coronavirus making its way throughout the country, we have to practice social distancing. Many have the ability to work from home, which can be both a blessing, with more time spent with family and cooking at home, and a curse, with inadequate workspace and potential distractions. Here are three steps to help you be more successful at working remotely during this new normal.

Set a designated space. While the luxuries of working from home include more time with your pets and a more casual work attire, it’s essential to create a designated space to do your work. Don’t hop into bed and expect to be highly productive, as your brain associates your bed with sleeping; so, by working in bed, you’ll either be less productive during the day or get less sleep at night. If you don’t already have a desk at home, get creative by using space on your kitchen island or counter with a barstool for you to sit on, the dining table and chair, or coffee table and floor seating. Whatever works best for you and what you can commit to working at for optimal workflow.

Create the right atmosphere. A candle that you can associate with work, music to help fill your home and a cup of freshly brewed coffee really help in creating the right atmosphere to work in. Make sure to not have your TV on while you work to avoid being distracted.

Make a to-do list. Think about what you’d like to accomplish today, tomorrow and during the week ahead. Set small and large goals to tackle your workload and of course reward yourself with something sweet, and a couple of short 15-minute break throughout the day.

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