When minimalism comes to mind, you might connect the dots to art or style — but it also applies to home design. Being a minimalist can be boiled down to keeping the real essentials in your life, simplifying everything from your wardrobe and personal effects to even your home furnishings. This allows you to have a clean and meaningful place all at once. Here’s how you can start going minimal in your home.

Clean and Clear. First things first, declutter. Do you really need three blankets, that extra side table and decorative pieces for every season and holiday? Once you’ve decluttered, you should prioritize your belongings and ensure that everything has a place to call home. Surfaces should be kept almost completely clean and clear.

Quality over Quantity. While we might all love the appeal of inexpensive furnishings — affordable and trendy, am I right? — it’s actually better to invest in quality pieces that’ll last long-term. That $20 nightstand might seem sturdy enough, but the wear-and tear of a few years — and moves along the way — will just force you to purchase another one. Skip this step by slowly adding key pieces to your space. It might cost more up front, but it will definitely last longer.

Simplicity. At the heart of minimalism is living a simple life. Add simple décor and art pieces that can match your setting no matter the season, simple paint selections that boost your space, and simple furnishings that will last through the years.

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