A young, newlywed couple moved into this single-story Kahala home a decade ago, finding it to be the ideal place to raise a family in. They lived there for four years before remodeling, transforming the home into an open-concept, indoor-outdoor space for the young family. 

Upon the groundbreaking of the remodel, they learned their family would grow from four to five, and suddenly the house needed more space. 

“I wanted to make sure we had a playroom,” the mother of three says, adding that she wanted each of the kids to have their own bedroom. Each of her kids has his or her own personality, and she wanted their individual bedrooms to reflect their interests and encourage personal growth.

Each of the kids’ rooms reflects his or her individual personality. “They’re different individuals and I thought it was important for them to have their own space,” the homeowner says.
Photo: Olivier Koning


 It would’ve been too tight to add a second family room, third bathroom and fourth bedroom while keeping the house on one level, so she sought the professionals who could handle such a large project, including ground-up construction: Koolau Builders.

“They simply needed more space and were ready to transform their home into their dream home,” says Nick Tang of Koolau Builders. “We were able to coordinate with their designer and also help them finish designing spaces in their addition to give them a completed and personalized project.”

The daughter’s bathroom, formely the master bathroom, was renovated by Koolau Builders. It has gold fixtures and cement gray and white tile. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

Koolau Builders designed an additional 2,700 square feet of living space, including a second-story master suite, new family room, laundry/mudroom and home office. They also removed three existing bedrooms and two bathrooms in order to design and build new ones, bringing the house to a final five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

laundry room
The laundry room is one of the homeowners’ favorite additions to the home.
Photo: Olivier Koning

Throughout the house, Koolau Builders incorporated custom details, include stair railings, built-in niches, hidden storage and a “secret room” for the kids.

The room is hidden behind the wainscoting of the stairway, and is outfitted with lighting, furniture and shelves for books and toys. 

 “The kids love that,” their mother says. “That’s their little clubhouse area.”

The large, open stairway connects the master suite to the living spaces. A “secret room” for the kids is hidden behind the wainscot panels of the stairs. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

When they’re not hanging out in their secret room, they may be playing in the family room, a new addition to the home. The parents now have a formal living room and the kids have a playroom.

The open-concept kitchen was renovated a few years prior, designed by Roxanne Okazaki of Lifestyle Design Studio. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

The homeowners say the house feels warm and inviting. It’s designed in a way that allows each member of the family to have space of their own when they need it. A new office allows the parents to do some work from home, as well.   

“Both Koolau Builders and the owners were open to working with each other on leaving some room for creativity on the job site,” Tang says. “It’s always good to have a good set of detailed plans, but sometimes it takes more effort on site to really make homeowners happy. Having an open mind and being able to trust creative advice and decisions makes it possible to create really unique spaces.”

An organized pantry is key to easily finding ingredients for meal preparation for this busy family of five. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

The second floor is devoted to the master suite, an escape for the hardworking homeowners. The large, open stairway keeps them connected to the family spaces downstairs. 

The second-floor addition is home to the master suite. Koolau Builders blended the exterior so the house would have a uniform look. The Fleetwood pocket doors to connect the indoors with the yard were part of the first renovation. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

“Koolau Builders gave my husband and I space for ourselves, because we had this beautiful kitchen, living room, dining room and outdoor patio, but with three kids, we really didn’t have a master retreat,” the homeowner says. “We finally have space that’s our retreat so we can get away, have a little space away from the kids and relax.” 

home office
A new home office maximizes space with storage and shelves. The hanging chair is from Serena & Lily. 
Photo: Olivier Koning

“We are in the business of making people happy and not just building houses,” Tang says. “I can take comfort in getting to the end goal of making people’s dreams come true and putting a smile on their face.” 


More photos: 

  • The second-floor master suite provides the homeowners a restful retreat.
  • The expansive master bath has a linear drain in its shower, and a separate tub. A whole-house fan keeps the master suite well ventilated.
  • The mother of three has a space of her own to get ready for work in the mornings.
  • Storage and organization are essential for this busy family of five, so Koolau Builders customized storage lockers for each member of the family, and outfitted them with shelves, hooks and even charging stations.
  • The homeowner, a do-it-yourselfer, hand-stamped the curtains when she was 36 weeks pregnant.
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About the feature photo: “They simply needed more space and were ready to transform their home into their dream home,” says Nick Tang of Koolau Builders.

Photo: Olivier Koning

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