I don’t consider myself a homebody, but the more time I put in to personalizing my space, the more I love spending time in it. I have organized storage closets and drawers to hold my hiking gear, beach bags and dog toys, making it easier to grab my stuff and go on a weekend adventure. My most recent home upgrades, including a fresh coat of paint (Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass 1564) and new lanai furniture, make living and relaxing in my home more enjoyable. 

We encourage you to love your home, too, and in this issue, we share with you some of our favorite spaces we’ve seen in Hawaii homes

When I return home from a photo shoot, I’m usually inspired to redecorate my place. I want my home to look like the ones we show you. I often hear homeowners tell me they’re not done yet. The reality is, we’re never done. Our homes are always evolving as we live and grow within them. Our tastes and needs change, trends evolve and, fortunately, we can always make simple changes while we plan and save for the big remodel.

If you love your home, we’d love to see it! Share photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #hawaiihomemag or email snapshots to us. We just may share it in the magazine!


Stephanie Silverstein, Editor


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