Are you thinking about reinvigorating your home with a new splash of color? 
The great news is that there are many different options when it comes to repainting the exterior of your home – from doing it yourself to hiring professionals to do it for you.

But depending on who you ask, the price may vary greatly. “You can find very cheap prices out there, and also higher prices for the same job,” says Brennan Leong of Kapili Roofing and Painting. “You really want to weigh out your options and feel comfortable working with the person or company you choose to let into your home.”

Factors to Consider

Sweat the Small Stuff: Factor in the cost of smaller areas that need painting, such as gutter lines, window and door frames, and mailboxes.

Unseen Costs: Painting your own home may cost more than just the paint. When planning your budget, account for extra materials such as brushes, drop cloths and primer.   

“With so many financing options to choose from, it helps to have the guidance of one of our trusted advisors.”

– Judy Konishi, Kahala Branch Manager, HawaiiUSA FCU

$   Do-It-Yourself, $32 to $49 per gallon


Ranging from color and finish to water or oil based, the choice is yours. Typically, 1 gallon of paint will cover up to 400 square feet of your home, so measure the dimensions you want to paint and calculate how many gallons you’ll need. You may also want to consider the cost of different paints for the doors, trim and mailbox. If you’re unsure, visit your local hardware store and ask to speak to a paint specialist. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to subtract the surface areas of windows when calculating your paint needs. 
Source: City Mill

$$  Hire the Pros, about $1 to $1.50 per sq. ft. 


On top of quality workmanship, professional painters often provide warranties and have proper licensing and more product knowledge than a nonprofessional. “We do an on-site visit to every job that we perform to best figure out how we can give the best price possible,” says Leong. This also ensures that all needs are met and any job-specific requirements are noted and prepared for. 

Pro Tip: When looking for pros, check for proper credentials and insurance certificates to ensure a smooth job.

$$$  The Extra Mile, about $1.75 per sq. ft. or more

extra mile

If you’re looking for more premium grade materials or a little more detail on your paint job, then the cost will be higher depending on what you want. “We understand that your home is your biggest asset and prized possession,” Leong acknowledges. “If there is something specific you want done, it may be costlier or more labor intensive, but a good painter will make it happen.”

Pro Tip: If lead is detected in your home’s pre-existing paint job, it may cost upward of $3 to $5 per square foot for proper removal and disposal. 
Source: Kapili Roofing and Painting 


Discover Ways to Fund Your Next Project

Make sure your costs – and your walls – are covered.

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Depending on how you choose to paint your home,  the costs can start to add up quickly. It’s best to first get a few estimates on the job and then examine which option is best suited for you. 

If your savings permit, consider using cash to pay for new paint and materials that you’ll use to recolor your home. There are no monthly loan payments or interest rates to worry about. But be sure to account for any extra costs, whether you need to fix a pre-existing condition or simply need more materials.

Using a credit card is another convenient option to finance your next paint job. A credit card allows you the added flexibility of addressing unforeseen costs in a pinch should you need to pay for them. Consider leveraging a credit card with rewards or bonus points to capitalize on your purchases. However, be careful not to overextend yourself or you may cancel out any potential benefits.

For larger or costlier jobs, a short-term personal loan offers great financial flexibility, allowing you to borrow only on what you need and repaying the amount over time. Typically, short-term personal loans will vary between one to five years, with interest rates set based upon your credit. Personal loans may qualify for certain tax advantages but consult with your tax professional to be sure.

Source: HawaiiUSA FCU
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"We believe the more knowledge you have, the better decisions you make.” 

– Judy Konishi, Kahala Branch Manager, HawaiiUSA FCU


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