Optimize the available room in your kitchen with nifty gadgets that help save on space. We’ve rounded up eight tools, all of which can be found at Simply Organized, to help you get started.

1. Maximize space, vertically, with a hanging basket to hold fruits or vegetables. Three-Tier Copper Hanging Basket (above), $16, from Simply Organized.

2. Easily grab the right spices for your meals with a pull-down spice rack. Pull Down Spice Rack, $35, from Simply Organized.

3. An adjustable rack stores your frying pans, dishes and cutting boards. Storemore Cookware Rack, $23, from Simply Organized.

4. Clear bins make it easier to see what supplies you have in your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen Binz Boxes, $17 each, from Simply Organized.

5. A foldable dish rack can be put away once the dishes are dry, keeping your counter clean and clear. OXO Foldaway Dishrack, $40, from Simply Organized.

6. Stack up to six wine bottles with a tabletop wine rack. Wine Rack 6 Bottles Townhouse, $20, from Simply Organized.

7. Airtight containers keep pasta, cereals and other goods fresh. OXO Pop containers in various sizes, from Simply Organized.

8. Make the most use of your cabinet space with the addition of a pullout cabinet organizer. 14-inch Organizer Cabinet Pullout, $45, from Simply Organized.

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