We can get pretty hardcore about hardware, especially when it comes to small-effort, big-return pieces like potentially ultra-transformative knobs and pulls. These details are like the delicious nuts on top of a sundae: little extra touches that complement the whole, tie everything together, and just make it all better.

Show-stopping Gold and Copper
gold hardware on white cabinetry
Photo: Leah Friel

Maximalism is having a moment, and attention-grabbing gold and copper pulls are right at home in it. We picture going all-out glam with them in a kitchen with a beautifully grained marble island, velvet bar stools and a gorgeous granite farmhouse sink.

Sleek Matte Black
matte black hardware
Photo: Olivier Koning

In a world of glossy, gleaming metallics, there’s something so welcomingly unexpected about matte. Add these streamlined elements to spaces with a toned-down vibe, like against soft and smoky shale paint jobs, or low-profile cabinets.

Timeless Brass
timeless brass hardware on white cabinetry
Photo: Hawkins Biggins Photography, Courtesy of Moorhead & Company Inc.

We love the subdued elegance of timeless metallics, like this lustrous brass handle that has a way of catching light just so. Paired with a classic, shaker-style silhouette, it has some serious understated upscale appeal. And the way it pops against a clean white palette? Perfection.

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