With hurricane season in full swing, are you prepared for the possible impact? If not, take the time to get your family ready by knowing your zone and evacuation area, creating a family emergency plan, reviewing your insurance policies, and having a hurricane emergency kit at hand.

You can get all the items you need in your kit at your neighborhood City Mill, which has eight locations throughout Oahu. “We have a wide variety of products ranging from preventative to supplies to help clean up during the aftermath,” says Shannan Okinishi, marketing manager of City Mill. 

Here’s an A-Z list of the 28 items you’ll need in preparation for hurricane season:

  1. 208 Henry’s Wet Patch Roof Cement
  2. Batteries
  3. Barbecue Grills
  4. Bottled Water
  5. Buckets
  6. Butane stove and cartridges
  7. Charcoal
  8. Coolers
  9. Duct Tape
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Flashlights
  12. Floor Squeegee
  13. Hurricane Ties
  14. Kerosene
  15. Masking Tape
  16. Poncho/Raincoat
  17. Plastic Storage Bins
  18. Plywood
  19. Poly Sheeting
  20. Propane
  21. Rope
  22. Rubber Boots
  23. Sand Bags
  24. Tarps
  25. Trash Bags
  26. Water BOB emergency water storage container 
  27. Water Jugs 
  28. Wet/Dry Vac

City Mill also has hand gas generators, bungees and paracords for you to purchase. “Please be prepared; I know everyone’s heard it before but it’s really better to be safe than sorry,” urges Okinishi.

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